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The Fire and Emergency Services Superannuation Fund (FES Super) is the superannuation fund for employees of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services of Western Australia and some associated employers Learn More


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End of Financial Year

As the end of this financial year approaches it is an appropriate time for employed members of the Fund to consider superannuation issues that may have an impact on them.

Government Co-Contributions - you may be eligible for a Government superannuation contribution to your super account if you make one or more personal after tax super contributions to your superannuation account and your total income for the financial year is less than $49,888. If you are eligible you could receive up to $500 in a super contribution from the Government automatically. To receive the maximum $500 amount you would need to have contributed a personal after tax contribution of $1000 to your super account.

Salary Sacrifice super contributions - If you have an arrangement with your employer to salary sacrifice superannuation contributions to your super account you should check on the amount of contributions that have been paid for you as these amounts are subject to an annual contribution cap amount that can be taxed at concessional rates. You can check an approximate figure of the salary sacrifice contributions paid this financial year for you by referring to the YTD (year to date) figures on your payslip.

Salary sacrifice contributions for you are categorised as concessional superannuation contributions. The annual concessional contribution cap depends on on your age and is $30,000 if you are under age 49 and $35,000 if you are aged 49 or more (age at 30 June 2014).

Supplementary Disablement Benefit changes

Please refer to the Significant Event Notice dated 8 December 2014 under Publications/Policies and Procedures on this website for more information on these changes.


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  • Keep your Super unified

    Rolling over your superannuation accounts from other funds into FES Super will make it easier for you to manage your superannuation and reduce the overall administration fees you have to pay for your super.  

To help you maximise your superannuation  we have provided you with a direct link to the Super Guru website that is maintained by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Ltd. To access the Super Guru website click on the words "Keep your Super unified" above.