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The Fire and Emergency Services Superannuation Fund (FES Super) is the superannuation fund for employees of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services of Western Australia and some associated employers Learn More


FES Super Latest News

  • Annual Member Benefit Statements
  • It is anticipated that the 30 June 2014 Member Benefit Statements will be sent to all Members of the Fund by the end of October 2014.
  • If there is any change to this timetable we will inform you by way of a notation on this website homepage.
  • This is your new FES Super Website

    28 October 2013

    We hope you find the content easy to navigate and useful for your needs. We welcome any feedback you would like to make on the website.


  • Keep your Super unified

    Rolling over your superannuation accounts from other funds into FES Super will make it easier for you to manage your superannuation and reduce the overall administration fees you have to pay for your super.  

  • To help you maximise your superannuation  we have provided you with a direct link to the Super Guru website that is maintained by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Ltd. To access the Super Guru website click on the words "Keep your Super unified" above.

Forms Reminder

If you want to download a form from this website you should do so without first logging on to the Member Login area of this website. Some members have experienced problems with downloading website forms once they have entered the Member Login area of the website.

If you are in the Member Login area and want to download a form the easiest way to do this is to exit from the Member Login area and then go to the Customer Links area on the homepage and use the Forms/Publications button shown.