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We appreciate everyone is being inundated with constant messaging but we consider it our prerogative to keep you abreast of matters as they unfold.

Quite clearly the evidence is indicating an acceleration of people becoming infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19).  While we are confident in our own health and ability to withstand infection and illness, we fear for those members and family members of staff that may be more susceptible to a more severe reaction.

Given some of the evidence on the recent spread and health consequences of COVID-19, as well as clear government guidelines, we are enacting the following measures:

1. Implementing an office-based staff roster arrangement whereby we have 50% of staff operating at 242 Rokeby Road, and the remaining 50% working remotely.
2. Stopping ‘face to face’ member and other third-party meetings.

While it is always more effective for face to face discussion, we encourage members to use email to contact the office.

Given all the communications that you will no doubt be receiving we will endeavour to keep our updates to you as concise as possible.  Clearly these are unprecedented times.  What we know is that human nature is hardwired to progress and innovate.  The essential ingredients that will enable solutions to be developed and an eventual outcome of current conditions normalising.